100 Day Practice Challenge for Super Students

As we begin a new year, it’s time to shake it up and do something fun to motivate students to keep working hard, even through the winter doldrums!

Our challenge runs from January 5th-April 30. During that time students will try to log 100 days of practice in the student portal OR the printable paper logLearn more

Welcome to Oconee Music

My first blog post

When my husband suggested that I start a blog for Oconee Music, I kind of thought he was crazy. Add writing into my regular crazy weekly schedule?! But then I realized that I love bullet journaling and I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about music and teaching that could be shared on a blog. So I sat down to brainstorm about a few topics and I came up with, wait for it, 27! In less than 30 minutes…

My first few topics coming soon: 

  1. Things for an adult student to consider before starting lessons 
  2. Is my child ready for private lessons, pt. 1 AND pt. 2
  3. Winners for the Summer Piano Challenge
  4. Benefits of Preschool Music Study

Here is my quick intro video. 

Thanks for reading!