Guitar Performance by guitar instructor Kyle for Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons at Oconee Music 

Our guitar lessons focus on either classical guitar style or the more popular guitar style of strumming chords, depending on what you would like to learn. As Oconee Music students develop their guitar technique, they will also learn about common chord types, music theory, and reading chord sheet and tab sheets.

We provide lessons in a variety of formats. An Oconee Music student can learn the guitar at our instructor’s studio as shown below, in their home or online! 
Oconee Music believes that learning an instrument, such as guitar, is a creative and challenging venture. We recommend starting guitar for late elementary students, teenage students and adults. Whatever your skill level, we will design a customized learning plan to achieve your hobby or performance goals.

Visit our performances page to see what recitals and activities we organize for our guitar students. 

If you live in the Oconee County area and you are searching for guitar lessons for yourself or your child, Oconee Music will offer you an excellent experience and help you to wow family and friends with your newfound skills! 

Our Guitar Studio is in Downtown Watkinsville