Preschool music can seem like just another fun activity but the educational benefits are huge! Music is like a language and your children will absorb the natural rhythms and cadences of the music they are exposed to in much the way as they quickly learn languages.

A big buzz word in education these days is neuroplasticity, which basically means that your brain CAN change throughout the course of one’s life. However, it is much easier to build the brain up during the early years of rapid brain development than to change it later. When musical expression and audiation is a part of the young brain, it helps to make formal music study much more productive in later years.

Check out this infographic on why Preschool music is so beneficial for your child! I’ve got my 3-year old son enrolled in one of our Kiddy Keys class this Fall and I’m so happy that he will be building a foundation of musical skills and having fun at the same time! Now of course, that’s easy for him, because his mama is a music teacher, but I also want to make it easy for your child to get the same experience.

Preschool Music

Preschool music is such a great activity to enjoy with your young child! They may be the next great musical talent. Or they may just have a lifelong love of music because you started them young!

KiddyKeys® is a highly educational program that focuses on teaching piano concepts and music appreciation to children 18 months to 5 years old. In addition to all the developmental benefits above, it’s also a great way to prepare your child for school with focus on reading skills as well as listening.

The KiddyKeys® program offers so many wonderful learning opportunities:

• Rhythm and movement exercises that develop small and large motor skills
• Recognition of notes and note values
• Memory skill building through repeated music terminology
• Counting exercises to help recognize numbers and develop math skills
• Creative development through sound composition and exploration
• Introduction to the music staff and piano keyboard
• Development of verbal skills through group interaction
• Reinforcement of listening skills by discerning high and low, loud and soft sounds
• Improved hand-eye coordination through hands-on experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard
• Recognition of the music alphabet, colors, and shapes with worksheet activities
• Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and behavior

When you enroll your preschooler in the KiddyKeys® program, you will:

• Experience the joy of learning piano concepts and music appreciation.
• Build character with lessons that emphasize the development of positive values and self-worth.
• Make learning fun – and help prepare your child for school by developing basic cognitive, social, and motor skills necessary to succeed in school.
• Beam with pride as your little one happily sings songs about Mozart and Beethoven…Recognizes the music alphabet…develops rhythm and movement.

I hope something in this article helps you when it comes to making choices about the education of your child!

Preschool Music

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