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Thinking about learning to play Guitar or Ukulele?

There are many reasons to pick up an instrument. Of course, the most basic is just loving the sound of a particular instrument. Oconee Music instructor, Kyle Dawkins, talks more about his personal journey as a guitarist and shares some of the social and cognitive benefits.

Guitar instructor, Kyle Dawkins headshot
Guitar instructor, Kyle Dawkins

Kyle’s thoughts about the influence of guitar in his life

As a lover of all kinds of music, I’ve played the guitar for most of my life. My parents put a guiltar in my hands early on, exposed me to lots of music and really encouraged me to go for it! I’m eternally grateful that they let me pursue my passion. For me it’s way than more than just a hobby. It is a spiritual pursuit and a way of life. The guitar brings love into the room wherever it goes. Love is the main engine that drives really good music.


Kyle as a kid with his guitar

Kyle’s take on how guitar is great for social and cognitive development

Developing a love for the guitar or ukulele can become a lifelong passion.  Learning how to play the guitar early on has been shown to greatly develop a young people’s intuition, problem solving skills, inner confidence and social skills. Most importantly, playing the guitar is really good for your brain!  Recent studies have shown that practicing music in groups actually synchronizes neural networks within the brains of the guitarists. By learning to correctly repeat a musical phrase, students hone muscle memory and dexterity over time while finely tuning both body and brain. A young developing brain absorbs new things easier than an older brain which is why musical intelligence is something kids naturally gravitate towards. They pick up aspects of rhythm, melody and harmony much easier than an older student. It’s never too late to begin studying an instrument, though! It will always change your life for the better.

Georgia Guitar quartet on a dark stage with bright lights shining on the musicians
Kyle playing in a guitar quartet

Commit to learning to play guitar today!

Kyle is currently accepting new guitar and ukulele students through Oconee Music and he’d love to share his love for all things guitar and ukulele with you or your child in a practical, knowledge-based lesson curriculum.

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